Due Diligence

SCP Advisors has been involved with many types of due diligence assignments for real estate transactions since 1999, and for our principals for a decade or more prior to forming the company.   We have conducted due diligence assignments throughout the U.S., China, Europe, and the GCC.

Our due diligence work has involved to-be-built and operating properties, acquisitions and dispositions, portfolios, and re-purposing and redevelopment of existing real property assets, as well as some types of intangible assets, and intellectual property.

▸ Operating statement reviews
▸ Financial statement analysis
▸ Projected operating results review
▸ Financial modeling
▸ Lease-based financial modeling
▸ Management contracts
▸ Hotel management agreements
▸ Franchise agreements
▸ Licensing agreements

Property services performed by our SCP Group Denali include:

▸ Zoning compliance
▸ Rent roll confirmations
▸ Tenant reviews
▸ Estoppel certificates
▸ Lease abstracting
▸ CAM charges
▸ Physical inspections
▸ Coordination of building and mechanical system inspections

We also conduct design reviews for to-be-built projects including re-purposing of existing facilities.


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